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 Face to Face Therapy

Face to Face therapy is counselling with a professionally trained counsellor.

There are times when you may experience personal difficulties, which can feel overwhelming.

These could include any of the following:

Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner.

You may be going through a separation or divorce.

Your children’s problems may be causing you considerable worry.

The death of a loved one may be causing you distress.

Your work situation may be difficult to manage.

You have unresolved issues from childhood that you have been unable to talk about.

Symptoms may have occurred as a response to these difficulties, such as: 


Anxiety attacks

Suicidal thoughts

Feeling extremely unhappy, unmotivated or depressed

Feeling a need to turn to alcohol, smoking or drugs for support

Feeling rage or anger towards someone or something

A change in eating patterns with excessive weight gain or loss

The emergence of numerous minor physical ailments

Helping you to feel

better about yourself